Woollen Woods

Woollen Woods

12th - 20th May

Belper Parks Wood

The event will start on Saturday May 12th and disappear late afternoon on Sunday May 20th.

The woods are free and open for everyone to wander through.

The Woollen Woods promises to be a unique and magical experience that can be enjoyed by everyone whatever age they are.

Belper Parks Wood is an ancient area of woodland situated fairly centrally in the town of Belper. It was part of a larger hunting forest populated by deer and wild boar. The area now known as The Parks became the larder and records of the Duchy of Lancaster have many references to Duffield Frith, including, in 1314, a great larder at Belper. The idea of the larder was that deer were contained within an area so that when they were needed they could be caught quickly.

Today the woodland is enjoyed by many local residents and in May looks particularly spectacular for two reasons. Firstly the wood is carpeted with bluebells and secondly the Woollen Woods appear.

Local knitters, crocheters and felters are already busy planning and making with lots of new ideas for story trees. Last year visitors were wowed by a larger than life wolf, Red Riding Hood, a Teddy Bears Picnic, an enormous purple dragon surrounded by fairies, a tree raining cats and dogs and a home for odd socks. There were owls, otters, rabbits, squirrels, sheep, giant ants and snakes to name just a few of the creatures who chose to inhabit for the Art Festival.

Complete trees were taken on by local groups such as the Blue Box Community, Spencer Grove Care Home and Treetops Nursery.

This year many more are planning to join in including at least three Primary Schools so it will once again be a part of Belper Art Festival that everyone can join in.

The Parks can be accessed from several places in the town but the easiest is from the free Coppice Car Park just off the Market Place.