Hello Goodbye : The Story of The Beatles 'Mr. Fixit'

Hello Goodbye : The Story of The Beatles 'Mr. Fixit'

19th May 2017


Number 28

Live music, an exhibition and readings will feature during the launch of an updated edition of HELLO GOODBYE : THE STORY OF THE BEATLES 'MR. FIXIT', written by George Gunby.

It was Paul McCartney who christened Alistair Taylor 'Mr. Fixit' for his ability to get the impossible done immediately. Alistair was friend, confidente and employee throughout the Sixties. He joined Brian Epstein as his PA and, at the request of John Lennon, became General Manager of Apple.

Alistair was a signatory on the Beatles first contract. In 1967 he discovered the body of his mentor and friend Brian Epstein. He worked with Cream, the Bee Gees, the Moody Blues, Cilla Black and he launched the career of one of the world's greatest superstars, Elton John. In 1973 he, along with his wife Lesley, moved to Darley Dale where they lived until their deaths in 2004.

"We were working on a second book at the time Alistair passed away. Until now I'd left the notes in a drawer. It seemed appropriate to revisit the book and the notes in the 60th year since John Lennon met Paul McCartney," said George. "Alistair's story really is that of an insider."

'Hello Goodbye' features exclusive photographs

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