Cafe at Number 28

Cafe at Number 28

30th April - 1st May 2017

10.30 - 4.30pm

Belper Town Centre

Phoebe McMillan is a student from Belper currently studying Interior Design at Falmouth University in Cornwall. The work featured in this exhibition was produced within Phoebe's final year of A-levels at Derby High School, at which she studied Graphics and Textiles. The work is divided by four subjects of inspiration: 'Natural forms and sleep' created within Graphics, and 'Structure and Contortion' created within Textiles.

Landscapes in Fleece An exhibition of colourful work made by the Common Threads group working with Fleet Arts as part of the DerwentWISE Anatomy of the Landscape project. Using wool tops embellished with silk, beads and wire under the guidance of local artists Anne Alldread the work reflects geological maps and diagrams that show the 'skeleton' of the fascinating landscape that makes up the lower Derwent valley.
These exhibitions will remain on the walls until 11th May.